blank // grief

by japanese bikini squad

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released February 23, 2012



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japanese bikini squad Bloomington, Indiana

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Track Name: good grief
Once again the wine has me taken
O' your stained lips a nd your pale skin
Cuts me most deep that feelin' that aching'
Your eyes dazzle in the moonlite
And gives me such a good fright
When thoughts drift to all you could do
Just you
With your eyes; just blue

Not a word was spoke you just came over
We both knew we were a good way from sober
No time to spare to think it over
Enchanted by the night air
Both of us were right there
Only love and not a single regret
as one can always bet

It seems once again I'm mistaken
And I can feel my lonesome heart breakin'
Now to keep from contemplation'
I'll drink too much wine
And avoid the sunlight
and maybe i'll get over you in time
God send me some relief
we'll see
Track Name: blank
six hours drowned in sheets and i cant seem to stop my shaking knees
i just can't take it, aching, i'm breaking up, wasted
who am i and what have i done my mothers son, the kid they knew
from way back when, well they didn't really know me then
i don't know who they thought i was, but guess what… this is what they got

the road ahead is open space, and who am i without road blocks in my way
just mistakes to make, i'll make them. lives to take, and hearts to break
i am waiting for something to start, who knows maybe tomorrow
or the next day or next week or sometime after that, who knows i don't care
it'll get done some time baby or maybe it won't

tomorrow is wasted time when yesterday is hanging on my mind
weighed down, i'm broken, sinking i just get caught up thinking
nothing's gonna go my way, nothing gold can stay, i'm fleeting
feeling like i am leaving nothing, no trace of where i came from
you know i'm gone i'm dead i'm wrong and i'm always on my own